Things You Should Avoid When Riding Electric Scooters

Things You Should Avoid When Riding Electric Scooters

Electric scooter ride seems to be an easy and fun activity, and so it is if you are aware of the basic tips. These scooters are not inherently dangerous, but your ignorance and lack of skills might result in accidents.

Just like all other vehicles, electric scooters also demand some riding specifications and considerations. These important factors are intended to keep the rider and scooter safe.

In this guide, we will talk about the common mistakes that most riders repeat consistently without even knowing that it’s the cause of their poor riding experience. Whether you are a new rider or you have already enjoyed riding multiple scooters, get ready to know how to protect yourself from serious accidents!

Mistake#1 Posture

Usually, there are three different postures that the electric scooter riders use;

  • Right foot forward – goofy
  • Left foot forward – Regular
  • Both foot side-by-side

The last one is considered the most dangerous posture because it’s impossible to maintain your balance when both feet are side by side, especially when applying the brakes or on curvy parts.

To maintain body stability, you should have one foot forward than the other. But how to determine which feet should be in front?

Well, there is no specific rule about which feet should be in front because it depends on the street where you are riding the scooter. If you are riding on a street where all the cars are parked on the right side, use a goofy posture to avoid any car door opening or a passenger coming out of the car.

Mistake#2 Braking

The next thing that you need to know how to do right is braking. Most people are not much familiar with the proper braking techniques, and they are ok with that. However, the wrong braking technique might be an issue in high-power nanrobot adult scooter with tow brakes on both wheels.

So, while braking, you have to make sure about two things; the proper body positioning and how much brake you need to apply in case of emergency.

Mistake#3 Terrain

Regardless of how much-practiced rider you are, you might have no control over various terrains. The percentage of your grip is different on specific land conditions like 100, 85-90, 63, 55, 48, 35, and 28 percentages on dry pavement, wet pavement, dry metal, wet metal, sand, dry leaves, and wet leaves, respectively.

The terrain where the grip ratio is low avoids applying brakes, taking turns, or changing the speed of scooters when driving.

Mistake#4 Off-Roading

Most people have the misconception that electric scooters can be used off-road and that they cause serious accidents. On off-road riding, the jumps are the actual cause of accidents that cause injuries and damage the scooters.

Off-road riding demands changes in speed, unexpected terrain, and other problems completely different from on-road. So, avoid using electric scooters off-road just for fun.

Mistake#5 Not Using Both Hands

The electric scooters are not toys you can play with just one hand. Most people get too excited that they start riding with one hand. And this is where the problems generate. The electric scooter ride demands more proper balance than any other motorbike. So, if you will use just one hand while riding, it will cause imbalance and eventually fall.


The electric scooters are not designed to cause any harm to the user. However, you might face serious issues because of your negligence. This list has collected all the common mistakes you should avoid when riding electric scooters.