Pressure Washer Buying Guide

Pressure Washer Buying Guide

Outdoor cleaning jobs are aided by pressure washers, and no two are alike. To assist you in selecting the best pressure washer for you, we've created a simple buying guide that answers frequently asked questions from our clients.

A power washer is a useful piece of equipment that is also enjoyable to use. Tough filth and grime wash away with little effort, cleaning almost every other surface easily!

Size Guide for Pressure Washers

Considering the size of the washer, it is quite usually based on the output pressure instead of its physical attributes. The units are quite commonly measured in different ways but the common way is bar and psi.

For Light Usage: 100 Bar Pressure or Lower

These types of washes can be used for common household related chores. Some of which includes cleaning of garden, furniture, vehicles and different home bins.

For Medium Usage: 100-200 Bar Pressure

They are for a little different application and it includes gutters, patios, and driveways cleaning.

For Heavy Usage: 200 Bar or Higher

Larger/dirtier walls, decking, patios, and driveways are examples of heavy-duty washing.

Flow Rate of Water

The flow rate of water is quite commonly measured in LPM or LPH. For getting a higher flow rate of water, it is necessary to have a good pressure that shows that the efficiency of cleaning is quite good.

Motor Capacity

Considering the electric pressure washer, it is better to look out for the power output. On the other hand, horsepower is usually seen in petrol-based motors. As evident, the higher number of both units indicates the higher power of the pressure washer.

Water Butts Connectivity

The water butt connection is another aspect that you should consider. With the connector, you can have a connection of different components with your pressure washer. Moreover, it also facilitates the utilization of rainwater allowing you to save some bucks while considering the environmental impact as well.

Consider the following features when determining how easy your pressure washer will be to use:

  • Wheels
  • Hose length Cord length Weight (electric models)

Do I require pressure washer accessories?

Most pressure washers have different attachments that allow you to do a number of different washing chores. These may contain interchangeable wands, nozzles, brushes, and detergents, so you should have all you need, but additional accessories and replacement parts are available separately.

If this is your first time purchasing an electric pressure washer, you may need to invest on a suitable extension lead. For more information, consult the manufacturer's instructions.

Bottom Line

Some pressure washers provide adjustable pressure settings, and the lower pressure level may be adequate for washing windows. Prior to conducting the pressure testing, it is better that you should lookout for a relatively remote area to check the spray and nozzle. Here, you can also verify the pressure and flow of the washer as well. Say, if the pressure is too much, it could cause severe damage to the surface or even humans. Wear protective goggles and shoes when pressure cleaning, and never point the pressure washer at anyone.