Best Lightweight BJJ Gi For Competitions 2020 Reviews

Preparing BJJ in the Gi is genuinely one of a kind encounter. It isn’t that much the way that you’re wearing the Gi, however the vibe of the material and the way wherein it is utilized. Hotel terms of feel, the first occasion when you wear a BJJ Gi isn’t something a great many people partner with comfort. A Jiu-Jitsu Gi comprises of an amazingly strong and hard coat, and thick, multilayered pants.

The manner in which Gi’s are woven is likewise profoundly explicit. This is all entirely reasonable, given the measure of “misuse”, a Gi should have the option to take. Be that as it may, it doesn’t change the way that preparation in a tough Gi resembles attempting to move with a substantial cover on. There is, anyway a hack – lightweight Gis. Today, we’ll investigate the best Lightweight BJJ Gi choices that can supplant all your different kimonos.

What to Look for in a Lightweight BJJ Gi

Best Lightweight BJJ Gi

Best Lightweight BJJ Gi


You’ve most likely seen the expression “GSM” drifting around when searching for a gi.

In every practical sense, consider GSM the heaviness of the texture, which will to a great extent rely upon the kind of weave used to develop the gi.

This is because of the way that each sort of weave utilizes an alternate measure of material, which along these lines legitimately impacts how much the gi gauges.

A pearl weave BJJ Gi

The sorts of weaves you will see in BJJ change, however, the most mainstream style in lightweight gis is called pearl weave. This style ordinarily has a GSM rating of 350 (or under), and it is the lightest mesh permitted into rivalry by the IBJJF (International BJJ Federation), the authorizing body for rivalry.

Taking into account that the GSM rating for gis can without much of a stretch reach more than 500, that gives you a thought of what this style is about.

Pearl weave is light and sturdy, so you can depend on observing it in a great deal on our rundown.


Another significant angle that you have to see with gis is whether they are IBJJF confirmed.

This is the overseeing body that affirms rivalry level gis, and on the off chance that you aren’t wearing one that is confirmed, at that point, you won’t have the option to contend.

While you can prepare in anything you desire, it’s can never be an awful thing wearing an IBJJF affirmed gi, as they’re clearly confirmed which is as it should be.


Clearly you need a gi that fits you, which implies you need an organization that provisions estimates that can oblige you.

It’s essential to recall that the first occasion when you wash a gi, it’s at risk to shrivel, regardless of whether they state that it is pre-contracted.

In view of that, in case you’re between sizes, it is in every case best to go up a size to represent any contracting that will most likely occur while you’re washing it.


A decent dependable guideline for a gi is that quality gis cost cash.

Obviously, that wouldn’t mean you like to go out and get the main gi that accompanies a significant expense.

You’ll need to ensure that the gi has the characteristics that we depicted here to legitimize a decent value point.

Certain brands that order regards in the BJJ people group are likewise going to cost more, yet they accompany the advantage of being created by an organization that realizes what makes quality gis.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Lightweight BJJ Gi

Before we investigate a portion of the diverse lightweight gis, we should survey the advantages and downsides of wearing them.


  • Lightweight materials dry quicker
  • They will in general be agreeable
  • Less of an effect on weigh-ins
  • Milder materials
  • Will utilize less space in your storage room


Simpler for adversaries to build up a hold

Gis will in general fit somewhat looser, in this manner offer more texture to seize a

List of the Best Lightweight BJJ Gi

I feel that is sufficient talk presently, how about we continue ahead with the rundown!


Critical Features:

  • Arrives in an assortment of sizes
  • Pearl weave utilized in the coat
  • Blue, dark, and white hues
  • Tear stop pants with numerous layers of fortification
  • IBJJF endorsement

The Fuji Suparaito BJJ Gi must be remembered for the rundown of the best BJJ gi for rivalry, since it has high caliber, enduring plan, and can give a fit to pretty much everybody.

The issue that individuals see directly out of the door is the expense. This is unquestionably on the higher finish of gis as far as cost, yet you need to recollect what you are getting for that cash.

Pearl weave coat, triple strengthened sewing in the jeans alongside tear stop textures, and a plan that is going to last through many, numerous fights on the tangle. Rivalry gis require high caliber, and that is actually what Fuji have conveyed here.

As we’ve referenced, this is produced using the hardest stuff out there for a lightweight gi. You can rely on the coat and jeans to fit well overall, as Fuji has presented half sizes. This is extraordinary as it permits basically anybody to get a Fuji gi fitting impeccably.

Since this one fits you somewhat more intently because of it’s opposition cut, no entrance material can be discovered, making it marginally harder for your adversary to set up a grasp.

The gi has an incredible and one of a kind look to it, which is really conspicuous, particularly for a brand like Fuji, that let the quality do the talking, instead of the structure. With the fortified sewing and wide range of hues, you’ll certainly stand apart from the group while wearing one of these.

All things considered, in case you’re an all the more relaxed kind of individual, you can go for an increasingly curbed look with the dark shading.

With everything taken into account, this is a phenomenal gi that won’t stretch, tear, or give your adversary any edge over you.

We enjoyed all that it brought to the table, and even with the sticker price you need to recall that great rigging merits breaking out the wallet.

We really recorded the Fuji Suparaito in this article, where we detail the 10 best BJJ gi’s at present accessible. Don’t hesitate to look at that for some progressively extraordinary choices.


  • The lightweight plan makes it ideal for rivalries
  • The incredible scope of sizes – anybody can get one of these to fit impeccably
  • Amazing looking structure with a decent scope of hues


  • Marginally odd feel to the texture
  • Costly – particularly for a lightweight gi


Best Lightweight BJJ Gi 2020

Best Lightweight BJJ Gi 2020

Imperative Features:

  • 350 gsm Pearl Weave
  • White, Black, and Blue Colors
  • IBJJF Approved with standard sizes
  • Tear stop pants
  • Moderate Price Point

As we referenced in the essential highlights, something that makes this gi extraordinary is the moderate cost, regardless of being one bar none alternatives on our rundown.

You won’t spend as much on this as you would on a portion of different gis that are out there, and that can be useful for individuals on a tight spending plan.

The plan of the gi is generally excellent. Beginning with the coat, you’ll see that it is made of intense yet light materials. Gameness utilized pearl weave in the structure, giving the coat an incredible capacity to stand up under serious discipline while keeping up a lightweight plan. At just 350 gsm, this is an extremely lightweight gi that will be agreeable for preparing and useful for rivalry. It is IBJJF affirmed, so it’s permitted in rivalries for BJJ.

Talking about lightweight materials, this gi has pants that just weigh 8oz, which is a piece lower than other rivalry level jeans and exceptionally light. As we’ve referenced, the jeans are additionally made with tear stop which makes them increasingly strong and more averse to tear when you are investing some effort on the mats.

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You’ll be glad to realize that the gi comes in blue, dark, and white for hues and it doesn’t have a huge amount of marking or fixes on it.

Truth be told, there is the Gameness logo on each arm, and they aren’t large. It’s somewhat more inconspicuous than a portion of different gis that are out there available, so it’s acceptable on the off chance that you need you need something with a fundamental look.

You’ll have the option to get the gi in sizes A0-A6, so a great many people will have the option to get a gi that fits them well.

By and large, this is an awesome gi to utilize in case you’re searching for an alternative that has a moderate cost, high caliber, and an appearance that isn’t exaggerated with patches and marking.

In the event that you need some more data on the Gameness Air, head over to our Gameness BJJ gi survey and correlation here.


Reasonable – perhaps the least expensive gi offered by gameness

Incredible scope of sizes – anybody can get one of these to fit consummately

Not excessively reckless in the plan – restricted fixes and marking


Doesn’t come down the middle sizes like the Fuji gi

Can shrivel a decent measure on the principal wash




Vital Features:

  • Coat made structure 420gsm pearl weave cotton
  • Jeans are produced using 8oz tear stop material
  • IBJJF lawful
  • Has up to 9 distinct sizes for each body type
  • Draw string is produced using high thickness froth
  • Sizes: A0-A5

Any individual who’s been engaged with combative techniques for some time will have heard the name Hayabusa previously. They’re probably the greatest name in the game and are known for their outstandingly excellent apparatus.

Sadly, this quality includes some significant pitfalls, which will in general be entirely high, however on the off chance that you’re not kidding about finding a durable gi, at that point, it merits each penny.

Their lightweight Bjj gi, for instance, is made utilizing pearl weave cotton material. Pearl weave is known to be the most sturdy sort of weave used to build Lightweight BJJ gis. Albeit lightweight, pearl weave is unimaginably solid, making this specific gi perfect for both preparing and rivalry purposes.

Hayabusa has utilized 8pz tear stop pants, which is essential as light as you will get in the jeans division. This again makes the Hayabusa gi perfect for rivalries, where you’ll say something wearing your gi.

As far as structure, this is one of Hayabusa’s all the more relaxed gis and is accessible in 9 diverse shading blends and varieties.

All things considered, this gi will address the issues of anybody on the chase for a decent quality lightweight gi.


  • Wide assortment of sizes
  • Comes pre-washed, assists with holding it’s shading
  • 9 diverse shading choices
  • 8oz ripstop pants ideal for rivalries
  • Cons
  • Pricey
  • Downplayed structure, not as strong as a ton of other gi’s out tere


Critical Features:

  • Pre-Shrunk so it will fit right when you get it
  • Utilizations 350 gsm Pearl Weave Fabric on the coat
  • Planned from 100% cotton
  • Has up to 9 unique sizes for each body type
  • The drawstring is produced using high thickness froth

The Flow Kimonos Air Gi is another incredible passage into the best rivalry BJJ gis for a variety of reasons.

It’s extremely evident that the organization needed to advance their best work, so they put it all out there they could. Taking a gander at the texture that makes up this gi is a decent spot to begin, as you have a great looking coat that is produced using 350 gsm pearl weave texture.

You know this stuff at this point. It’s extreme, it’s tough, and it’s exceptionally light. Your coat has some quite strong sewing on the neckline as well, making it somewhat stiffer than a neckline without the strengthened, twofold fastens.

When taking a gander at the jeans and their materials, you’ll see that they are made out of tear stop cotton, so it’s extreme stuff that won’t split down the creases when you go to do some overwhelming rolling or contending.

Presently, you’ll see that a great deal of this gi is produced using cotton, which can shrivel up on you. However, the gi is pre-contracted ‘ so it’s just going to shrivel a next to no bit, nearly to where you won’t notice it. With the wide assortment of sizes available to you, you’ll experience no difficulty finding a gi that fits you.

Alongside being extremely lightweight at simply 8oz, the jeans are extraordinarily breathable so you won’t feel like you’re suffocating in a pool of sweat while preparing and contending, regardless of whether it’s mid-year.

Incorporated with the jeans is a drawstring that is produced using high thickness froth, something that won’t come loosened effectively and isn’t that regular in BJJ gis. This gives you more opportunity to stress over what you’re doing on the tangle, and not concentrating on your jeans tumbling down.

Similarly, as with different gis that we have taken a gander at here, this one is IBJJF consistent so you can utilize it at whatever point you are contending.

That implies you don’t need to trade out your apparatus when you’re preparing for the opposition, as you can both train and contend in this gi.

Which carries me to my last point, we need to look it’s the sticker price, which is somewhere close to direct and high. It’s unquestionably fairly speculation, however in the wake of taking a gander at everything that they bring to the table, it’s presumably one that you will need to make.


  • Wide assortment of sizes – little and bigger renditions of the customary AX estimating
  • Comes pre-contracted, scarcely recoils on first wash
  • Dark, white and blue shading choices
  • 8oz ripstop pants ideal for rivalries


  • Not the least expensive gi on the planet
  • Genuinely costly
  • Professionals
  • Wide assortment of sizes – little and bigger renditions of the customary AX estimating


Imperative Features:

  • Smart gi with marking and cobalt sewing all through
  • Comes clearly
  • 9oz fortified twill cotton pants
  • 475 gsm Pearl Weave Jacket
  • Jeans include inclining sewing

The Tatami Zero G V4 gi is another acceptable passage into lightweight gis for BJJ.

It’s an IBJJF consistent gi that can be utilized in rivalries. Tatami, as usual, pushed the limits, putting marking and fixes on shoulders, neck, and thigh zones, making it only somewhat harder for somebody to get those regions – any little helps right?

You’re going to like the vibe of this gi in the event that you are into flashier sorts of styles. The sewing is splendid cobalt blue and it truly stands apart alongside the entirety of the marking on the gi. While it just comes clearly, the extraordinary sewing makes the coat and the jeans stand apart a lot.

You can hope to get the entirety of the common sizes for this item from A0 to A6, so the vast majority will be secured by the sizes.

Talking about sizes, this gi is produced using twill cotton and isn’t pre-contracted, so you need to consider some great measure of shrinkage will happen when you first wash it. In light of that, in case you’re on the cusp of the bigger size, it’s most likely a smart thought to pull out all the stops.

The coat is made out of some really solid material, pearl weave with a gsm of 475. This is somewhat heavier than a portion of different gis that we have taken a gander at, so it won’t be as lightweight as a portion of those different alternatives.

It’s likewise imperative to take a gander at the jeans here and see that they have some extremely solid sewing in them. It’s somewhat unordinary on the grounds that it is a corner to corner join, however, it’s still extremely valuable for keeping your jeans together. They just weigh 9oz which is a really low weight.

Talking about weight, this gi is lightweight, however, it’s unquestionably on the higher finish of lightweight attributable to the 475 gsm in the material. In any case, you can get a great deal of development from the gi without the material surging out and holding on to be snatched.

In general, this is a quality gi that requires a smidgen of speculation with respect to the client. It is a moderate cost, yet you do get a great deal from it.

Likewise, women will be satisfied to hear that Tatami additionally makes this gi in a female cut. No more uni-sex gis!


  • Wide assortment of sizes – little and bigger forms of the conventional AX measuring
  • Gorgeous plan
  • Patches make it harder to build up a grasp on center zones, for example, upper arms/shoulders


  • Not the lightest gi on the rundown – not as fit to rivalries as different choices
  • Doesn’t come pre-contracted




Vital Features:

  • Pre-contracted
  • Firm collars with rubber treated materials
  • Different hues: white, blue, dark, dim, green
  • Different sizes
  • Against microbial properties incorporated with the gi itself

It shouldn’t be any astonishment to see the Sanabul brand on this rundown, as they’re known for offer average quality rigging, for staggering (and I mean unimaginable) costs. On account of the Sanabul Essentials v.2, you are getting a decent gi for an absolute deal.

Alright, it may not be the most sturdy, yet in case you’re simply beginning in BJJ and need a reasonable lightweight gi, this is presumably the best approach.

The gi is produced using light and intense textures that component differentiating sewing. That gives the coat and the jeans enough solidarity to be strong all through a portion of the harder instructional courses that you’ll have.

The material that makes up the gi is pre-contracted, so you’re not going to need to stress over your gi contracting up a lot on you in the event that you wash it on the correct settings. The Sanabul organization even has their own measuring graph to assist you with getting the most ideal fit.

The neckline is one element that we truly like since it is solid, implanted with rubber treated materials, and intense to get a decent hold on. That makes it marginally harder for your adversary/preparing accomplice to set up a grasp on your neckline, which obviously, is consistently decent.

One thing to manage as a primary concern is that this gi isn’t ensured by the IBJJF, implying that you can’t utilize it for formal rivalries. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable for preparing purposes. With the minimal effort that you need to get one of this gis, it’s an incredible choice just to use for preparing while you have another for rivalry.

There are a few different highlights that everybody will like in this gi, for example, the shading plan and structure. The gi has a decent sum hue accessible like blue, dark, green, white, and dark.

Joined with the fix on the chest and shin, Sanabul has worked superbly at delivering an attractive gi.

At the cost, it’ll be difficult to beat, yet you need to recall that this one is for preparing, not rivalry.


  • Ideal for apprentices searching for a lightweight gi to prepare in – excessively modest
  • A great measure of shading varieties
  • Comes pre-contracted, a lot simpler to get a decent fitting gi out of the container


Not IBJJF confirmed, can’t be utilized for rivalries


Vital Features:

  • Highlights an enemy of scent treatment
  • Pre-contracted texture
  • Hues dark, pink, white, dark, blue
  • The tightened fit coat has less free material
  • 400 gsm material

First-class Sports is an extraordinary name in battling gear, so it’s nothing unexpected that they have a standout amongst other Lightweight BJJ gi for rivalry out there. This gi is especially pleasant in light of the fact that it gives its wearers a reasonable alternative that has all that you need in an IBJJF affirmed gi, without all the fancy odds and ends.

The texture in this gi is pre-contracted, so you can wash it as indicated by the guidelines and not need to stress over it getting excessively little on you. While we’re discussing materials, this is lightweight, 400 gsm material that is quite strong and light. You’ll have the option to utilize this on the mats for quite a while without stressing over wearing through it or having it torn.

The jeans don’t have tear stop textures in them, so they are somewhat less secured against harm than a portion of different gis out there.

However, you do set aside cash by not having that in the jeans. Most importantly you will get your maximum value out of these jeans.

Another extraordinary part about this gi is the neckline. It is additional solid and thick so it is anything but an obvious objective for individuals to take hold of. Regardless of whether they do, they’ll see it difficult to keep up a strong grasp, particularly if your guard game is on point.

We enjoyed the different hues that are accessible to the gi. You can don white, dark, green, dim, pink, and blue for those individuals out there who appreciate a little style with their outfit.

You get a free white belt with the buy, and it’s consistently ideal to get a bonus. With a low-value point, heaps of customization alternatives, and a strong plan, this is unquestionably a decent gi that pretty much anybody can bear.


  • Comes in 7 diverse shading alternatives
  • Incredible for learners as it accompanies a free white belt
  • As it’s pre-contracted, it’s considerably more likely you’ll fit into the gi
  • Unbelievably moderate, extraordinary for the first rivalry


Jeans aren’t tearing stop, so less solid than a portion of different gis on the rundown


Vital Features:

  • Ultra-lightweight with 275 gsm
  • Ripstop Pants
  • Fortified sewing on the legs
  • IBJJF Certified
  • Unconditional promise

Gold is an organization that is constantly considered as a real part of the best for BJJ and other apparatus, so expect to see them on this rundown.

The one thing that we love the most about Gold is that they have an assurance accessible. On the off chance that you don’t care for the gi, send it back and get your cash came back to you. It’s in every case great when they set some things in motion.

The gi itself is exceptionally lightweight yet at the same time lawful for the IBJJF. It is produced using exceptionally light 275 gsm material utilizing their “aero weave”. This remarkable weave is intended to push the constraints of solidarity and sturdiness while being as light as could reasonably be expected. It’s solid and ideal for preparing in the mid-year months since it’s light. It’s going to handily fit in a pack or in your wardrobe due to how well the material folds from being so light.

That doesn’t mean this is going to tear, however.

The whole legs are strengthened with sewing and contain tear stop. The shins, knees, and a portion of the thighs are extra solid so you can invest energy in the mats without destroying your gi.

The neckline is another piece of the gi that we generally take a gander at and it’s entirely strong and solid for this situation. That implies you won’t have your neckline be an obligation for you, which can occur if it’s excessively delicate.

This gi accompanies the most widely recognized sizes that you can hope to use in a gi beginning with A0 and completion at A5. Everything except the greatest individuals will have the option to fit into Lightweight BJJ gis.

Generally speaking, Gold BJJmade a decent gi with a moderate value point that anybody could appreciate.

It’s lightweight, sufficiently able to be utilized reliably, and offers the client assurance on their work. It gives you pretty much everything that you’ll require in the item.


  • Super, excessively light, with just a 275 gsm, it’s the lightest on our rundown
  • Moderate sticker price makes this gi incredible for anybody
  • IBJJF legitimate – stunning gi for BJJ competitions
  • 4 magnificent shading varieties


Can come marginally enormous out of the container, yet Gold BJJ gives great guidelines on the most proficient method to recoil the gi down properly.

Lightweight BJJ GI 2020 Reviews

Lightweight BJJ GI 2020 Reviews

Lightweight BJJ GI 2020 Reviews

Talking about the materials, the gi utilizes 350 gsm pearl weave for the coat. That implies it is both lightweight and intense. With fortified sewing all over this gi, it will deal with a ton of mileage without separating.

One territory that isn’t as fortified as we’ve seen in different models is the neckline. That implies it’s somewhat simpler for your adversary to set up a grasp here.

All things considered, there are all that anyone could need advantages of utilizing this gi we can ignore that part. The jeans are produced using tear stop texture which, as the name proposes, prevents them from tearing along the creases. These jeans are extremely lightweight, just 8oz, so it will feel like you are wearing as meager material as could be expected under the circumstances. In addition to the fact that that is useful for weigh-ins, however, you’ll be agreeable while wearing it.

The gi is a generally excellent competitor for the best lightweight BJJ gi, with one of the main drawbacks being the moderately significant expense.

It’s more than fit for giving you a lot of assurance, however, the underlying venture may appear to be a lot for a few. As we would like to think, this is an item that ought to be viewed as when investigating lightweight gis regardless of whether it is more than you needed to spend.

Which Weave is Best for a Lightweight Gi?

Pearl Weave is by a long shot the best sort of weave to search for in case you’re on the chase for a lightweight BJJ gi. This is on the grounds that this weave specifically is excessively solid, anyway is the lightest sort of weave permitted as far as being IBJJF guaranteed.

Would it be a good idea for me to Wash my Gi Before I Wear it?

Truly it’s generally a smart thought to wash your gi before you first wear it, as it will recoil down somewhat and be somewhat less inflexible too.

What number of Gis Should I Own?

This relies upon a couple of variables. In the event that you haven’t been doing BJJ for long, one gi ought to be fine. Assuming notwithstanding, you’re preparing on normal premise, having various gis is a smart thought.

Thusly, you can wear on gi, while your others are in the clothes washer. Likewise, I think that its acceptable to have one gi that you use only for rivalries. This gi ought to in a perfect world be your best gi, with hardened lapels and neckline, making it harder for your adversary to hold.

Best Lightweight BJJ Gi – The Verdict

The opportunity has arrived to discuss what gi has the right to be known as the best lightweight BJJ gi.

We took a gander at all of the things, for example, value, materials, sizes, regardless of whether it is permitted in rivalry, and the strength. In light of every one of those things, we accept that the absolute best gi must be the Fuji Suparaito BJJ Gi.

There are a ton of incredible interesting points with this gi, for example, the pearl weave coat and tear stop pants. This gi is incredible and won’t yield and destroy when you need it to be solid. You can invest a great deal of energy in your knees and not wear through this extremely solid material.

Presently, there are a few naysayers that won’t have any desire to follow through on for the gi on the grounds that the cost point is somewhat high.

Nonetheless, we think this one merits each and every penny for all that it offers. Beside being solid and light, the neckline is exceptionally firm and strengthened with additional sewing.

No one will be ready to get that and yank you around effortlessly like some other lightweight gi models. Additionally, you can’t improve the look that you get with this gi. It has some extremely decent sewing and hues that will stand apart despite the fact that there are just three alternatives for shading.

With everything taken into account, this is the best lightweight gi out there today, so in case you’re hoping to put resources into a quality, rivalry level bit of rigging, this is the one for you!

Last Thoughts About lightest bjj gi

A debt of gratitude is in order for looking at our rundown of the top gis available. We trust that we put forth a decent defense for the best lightweight BJJ gi out there today. We made a rundown that was quite complete given the ubiquity of a portion of the brands just as the highlights we think at the best for gis.

That being stated, we are continually searching for some input and inquiries concerning how we went to our choice.

As usual, thank you for perusing and we trust you drop us a line to tell us your opinion of our choice here.

Until next, time, continue rehearsing your order of decision and keep awake to date on your rigging information by dropping to look at our most recent articles.

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