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Consistently, more individuals are going to hand-poured Coffee for their morning cup. Cafés are still as mainstream as could be and the vast majority of us can’t avoid a legitimate latte or coffee, however as of late individuals are beginning to look for that equivalent degree of value and consistency from their Coffee at home (or work).

For a great many people, the massive ledge Coffee producer is done cutting it. Pour over brewers are turning out to be kitchen staples and a fundamental piece of numerous morning schedules. Despite the fact that pour over brewers are the same old thing – the first Melitta channel was made – a recharged enthusiasm for the specialty has delivered some champion top choices. Today, we are going to put two of the chief pour over brewers, the Chemex Vs V60, through a no holds barred standoff.

Chemex vs V60– Which Should You Choose?

Two of the best gadgets for making pour-over Coffee at home are the Chemex and the V60:


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I brought the jump into pour-over Coffee when my programmed trickle Coffee producer broke. Like the vast majority, trickle Coffee was all I knew. You can’t beat the accommodation of a programmed Coffee producer toward the beginning of the day. However, after some time I found better Coffees an affection for splendid and happy Latin American beans. I learned various dishes, similar to the full city broil which is dull yet not consumed. Yet, I was all the while utilizing a similar Coffee producer. Why? My preferences were changing, and I was beginning to acknowledge great Coffee.

So when that machine broke, I changed to pour-over. It requires some investment, yet the custom is alleviating and the prize is an extraordinary mug of Coffee.

I became acquainted with both the Chemex and the V60. Possibly one will assist you with making an incredible mug of Coffee. Both are basically structured and simple to utilize. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you can just get one and the decision is Chemex Vs V60, this is what you have to consider:

What is a Chemex?

Chemex vs V60

Chemex vs V60

Chemex is a warmth safe glass vessel made looking like an hourglass, with a little edge that fills in as a spout. It for the most part has a warmth verification wooden neckline around its squeezed midsection, attached with a calfskin band for simple dealing with. Some of them have a handle. The organization makes a few unique models, including lovely hand-blown glass models.

Chemex rose up out of a science lab in 1941. Submitting his general direction to labware, Dr. Diminish Schlumbohm structured a vessel to make preparing the ideal Coffee basic and excellent. He additionally planned the thick channels that must be utilized to make Chemex Coffee additional reasonable. This Coffee creator has gotten various honors for its plan and its science. You can even discover one in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

What is a V60?

V60 gets its name from the ideal 60-degree point of its cone. This point joined with the winding ribs within surface of the cone permits water to stream perfectly, and ground Coffee to grow ideally.

V60 is a Japanese organization that began by making glass and earthenware hardware for science labs. Today the organization despite everything makes lab gear, just as gadgets for the home and kitchen.

The V60 comes in numerous hues and materials. Straightforward glass is the work of art, however there are additionally earthenware, glass, copper, and even plastic models on the off chance that you need to minimize expenses.

What is pour-over (V60) Coffee?

pour-over (V60) Coffee

pour-over (V60) Coffee

Pour-over Coffee is essentially Coffee made with heated water hand-poured over the grounds. The procedure resembles a dribble Coffee producer with the exception of you, as opposed to the machine, control the progression of water. This technique gives the brewer a lot of authority over the Coffee

With a decent gooseneck pot, you can have gigantic command over the progression of water into the Coffee beans.

I live in rustic Illinois, which is one of the last places to get on new Coffee patterns. I originally found out about pour-over a couple of years back from my hip more youthful sibling who lives in Portland, Ore.— Coffee focal USA. At the point when I visited him, he took me around to a few shops, acquainting me with a few beans and diverse pour-overs. Pour-over Coffee was effectively the best Coffee I have ever tasted. The kind of the beans and the dish was expanded, without a trace of sharpness. I purchased a pour-over Coffee producer not long after I got back. (The push of having my trickle machine break was likewise a driving force.)

How to make pour-over (V60) Coffee

Pour-over Coffee aficionados prescribe utilizing a gooseneck pot to warm and empty water into the Coffee creator. This permits more noteworthy power over the progression of water and permits a more slow pour to expand Coffee flavor. You first add a little water to the grounds permitting them to blossom (grow) and discharge carbon dioxide. At that point you gradually pour the remainder of the water over the grounds. This procedure, with the filtration, makes a cleaner mug of Coffee without residue or harshness.

In the video underneath, Gail from Seattle Coffee Gear experiences the procedure with the Chemex and V60 next to each other:

What’s the contrast among Chemex Vs V60?

Pound size

Chemex Vs V60 is a great contention for Coffee individuals. One significant contrast among Chemex and the V60 is the granulate size for the Coffee beans. Chemex is intended for a medium-coarse granulate, however it is very sympathetic if the pound is somewhat better or coarser. The V60 gives the pound a ton of state in how the Coffee turns out. A fine granulate and a moderate pour cause the most grounded Coffee and a medium crush with a quick to pour makes a more vulnerable cup.

Pipe plan

The Chemex vs V60 has edges, or scores, within its cone that you don’t find in the Chemex. These make some division between the wet channel and the dividers of the cone, permitting blended Coffee to exit through the sides of the channel and stream conveniently down to the base of the pipe.

In the picture above, you can see the bended edges within V60 cone that make some detachment between the channel and the divider.

The Chemex doesn’t generally give this course to the Coffee. Rather, the Coffee holds fast to the thin space between the channel and the pipe, and its greater part exits through the base of the pipe.

The leave opening in the two brewers is enormous contrasted with numerous other pour-over gadgets, which is the reason the granulate size and pace of pour are such key elements when you mix Chemex vs pour over.


The two gadgets use paper channels, of various thicknesses. The Chemex’s thicker channel doesn’t allow any residue to pass, making the mix more clear than that of the V60 (which is still really clear).

The V60 channels are typically somewhat simpler to discover.

The Chemex’s extraordinarily structured channel brings about pretty much the cleanest cup you can blend. (© Nicholas Lundgaard | Flickr)

Assortment of sizes

The V60 is intended to make a couple of ideal cups of Coffee at once. The Chemex arrives in a scope of various sizes from three cups to 13 cups.

Which one would it be a good idea for you to purchase: Chemex vs V60?

The Chemex and V60 are more similar than they are unique. They are both pour-over Coffee creators. The two of them make extraordinary Coffee. They are both moderately simple to utilize. Furthermore, both expect you to purchase extraordinary channels.

At its heart, picking either gadget is actually a matter of taste. In the event that you can, go out to companions’ homes or coffeehouses and taste Coffee made with the two gadgets. That way, you can truly observe which one you like. Both make extraordinary cups of Coffee—yet the little contrasts in flavor matter to numerous individuals.

Purchase the Chemex if:

  • you need to blend numerous cups simultaneously
  • you love its plan and need to leave it sitting on your counter as workmanship. (It is workmanship, no inquiry.)
  • you need the reasonable, splendid Coffee that originates from the thicker channel
  • you need a little pardoning with your pour or your pound
  • you don’t need any plastic

Purchase the V60 if:

  • you generally need to make a solitary cup (littlest size)
  • you never need it to break, or plan to go with it (stay away from the earthenware and glass models)
  • you need to assume total responsibility for a redid mug of Coffee
  • you need the least demanding conceivable tidy up
  • The V60 is an extraordinary decision for movement or outdoors. It requires no carafe and can mix straight into your mug.

Chemex sizes and styles

Chemex sizes and styles

Chemex sizes and styles

  • The Chemex comes in numerous sizes: 3, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 13-cup gadgets (peruse estimates here). All are clear glass. Chemex makes three lines of brewer:
  • Great: normal wooden neckline, tied on with a rawhide band accessible in various hues
  • Glass handle: the neckline is supplanted with a glass handle
  • Hand-blown: looking like the work of art, yet made in little bunches by gifted craftsmans
  • Not all sizes are accessible in each line.

V60 sizes and styles

V60 sizes and styles

V60 sizes and styles

The V60 comes in a few distinct materials:

  • Plastic
  • Artistic
  • Warmth confirmation glass
  • Hardened steel
  • Copper

Most are in the standard size which mixes a couple of cups (one mug). Plastic, earthenware, and metal gadgets can be bought in a size that will make up to four cups. The plastic models are generally reasonable and focused on apprentices. I’m infatuated with the glass with the olive wood base, which equals the Chemex for looks. The copper dripper is the head of their line, and furthermore looks sharp Chemex vs pour over.

Furthermore, The Winner Is V60

This is an intense one to call. The Chemex has withstood the trial of time. It has outlasted incalculable blending gadgets throughout the most recent couple of decades due to an ideal mix of capacity and structure. The exquisite effortlessness makes it the one you need to forget about for visitors to see. Or then again to go after on the ends of the week when you need your Coffee to be an encounter.

The V60 is springing up in bistros and kitchens everywhere throughout the nation (and world) and that isn’t a happenstance. This inventive brewer can genuinely take a Coffee to the following level. It’s simpler to perfect, simpler to store, increasingly versatile, and offers progressively material and size alternatives.

Chemex vs V60 Conclusion

It consolidates excellent, adaptability, and compactness. For the venture, it offers the most improvement for your home Coffee experience.

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