Are cat play houses suitable for cats to play in?

Are cat play houses suitable for cats to play in?

A cat play house has now made it easy to provide your cat with a good source of entertainment. Playing is good for the physical and mental health of the cat. It helps you learn the personality of your cat and develops a strong relationship with it. It is a good source to beat their boredom and suppress their aggressive behavior. As the kittens grow up, they try to bite and grasp things. Playing gives them a chance to improve their predatory skills as well. If you can’t make sufficient time for your cat, you can buy it a cat play house. The following characteristics make a cat play house suitable for your cat.

· Cozy and comfortable

Cat play house provides utmost comfort and solace to the cat. Cats can jump and roam around the play house. Most cat play houses also have stairs in them. Cats can climb up and down and feel joy in it. They can also sit on the roof and take a good nap in the sunshine. The roof is shielded with a fence that protects the cat from falling off the roof. There are multiple hideouts in the cat play house. You can play hide and seek with your cat as well.

· Lightweight and moveable

Some cats do not like to sit in one place. They love to spend their time moving around the house. If your cat is one of them, you can buy it a lightweight and moveable cat play house. You can carry a lightweight cat play house from one room to the other.

· High tensile strength and durability

Most people use wood or metal cat play houses the most. They ensure resilience, durability, and high tensile strength. It saves them from breaking into two after suffering a fall on the ground. Cat play houses last up to more than 25 years. People don’t prefer plastic play houses as they are prone to break easily.

· Water-resistant

Waterproof cat play houses are also available for the cats who like to play in the gardens. They protect the cats from sudden rain or wind storms. They direct the water away from the enclosure. In this way, they keep your cat warm, safe, and dry.

· Fire-resistant

The wood that you use to make cat play houses goes through high pressure. After that, manufacturers add water retardants which protects it from any accidental fire explosion.

· Easy setup

Cat play houses are quite easy to setup. You just have to follow the instructions provided with the cat play house. In fact, you can have fun with your cat while joining all the pieces together.

· Add toys to your cat play house

You can add multiple toys to your cat play house. Toys that mimic the movement of their prey (mouse) are quite amusing to the cats. You should let them catch their prey in order to satisfy their natural predating instinct. You can also add balls, shredded paper, and bottle caps to make cat play house more exciting for your cat.